Plani i Veprimit i Shoqërisë Civile

Plani i Veprimit i Shoqërisë Civile

The civil society constituency to EITI was always very active and productive. That can be confirmed through participation in MSG meetings, contribution given in all the related issues, inputs to the report, legal aspects ect. (see minutes of meetings). But along the way some of the members resigned due to personal or professional reasons. Meantime the AlbNet_EITI Coalition is formalized since January 2016.

The EITI Process is difficult and sensitive therefore not everyone can participate or be interested in this initiative. The main constrain to reinforce and strengthen capacity building of CSO Coalition or to prepare and train potential candidates as MSG members was lack of funds.

In order to approach the problem and fulfill the obligations for the corrective action from the Validation report since January some meetings have been organized with potential donors.

SECO was interested to assist in capacity building of CSO Coalition. A project proposal was introduced and discussed in detail. The final decision is expected in order to start the action in June 2018.

The aim of specific objective and the action plan is to strengthen and increase capacities of AlbNet-EITI as an effective wide-ranging coalition covering all territory of the country and ensure effective participation of representatives of CSOs from areas where natural resources are extracted in the EITI process and bringing their voices as MSG members.

Expected outcomes are:

  • Expanded coalition network in areas where natural resources are extracted with actors who want to work in the field of transparency of extractive industry.
  • Increased recognition of the Coalition across the country as a focal point for all civil society organizations regarding all information in the field of the use of natural resources.
  • More effective contribution of the Network members to the EITI process.
  • New members as CSO representatives in MSG are trained and elected.

Description of activities and results

Through a staged approach, outcomes will be achieved through the following outputs/activities:

  • Assessment of the knowledge and understanding of the EITI and related benefits and obligations by the CSO and other stakeholders and population.
    • The collected information will be analyzed and the findings will be used to design the strategy of promotion of EITI and AlbNet-EITI Coalition according to respective area, how to approach civil society and increase the interest.
    • Media coverage will also be analyzed; media covering the extractive industry, the way they perceive this sector, the difficulties encountered to obtain information in this fields and cooperation with them as coalition.
  • Identification of possible candidates as MSG members
    • The persons identified by leading organizations to be prepared as potential candidates for the civil society group in MSG will be trained.
    • The training will prepare the candidates about issues they will face and work in the future as MSG members:
  • Non-governmental organizations that have similar field of action or interested in EITI will be identified and reached out for participation in information sessions. Round tables will be organized at the level of districts.
    • The rounds of meetings will serve primarily to explain the role of the CSO Coalition in EITI process and the importance of the transparency of the natural resource industry.
  • To complete all activities and to make public the coalition in the end of the project the final round table will be organized in Tirana.
  • The project will support the set up of a web page for the Coalition. Through AlbNet-EITI website every issue regarding involvement of CS Organizations in the EITI process will be presented. Announcement for membership application, contribution in MSG meetings (minutes of meeting) trainings, round tables, media coverage, legal documentation. Invitations in different events organized by Coalition or Secretariat, election process, etc.

 Long-term effects and sustainability of results

  • AlbNet-EITI coalition is strengthened, effective and expanded with new members and organisations from areas where national resources are extracted.
  • MSG will have more members from Local CSO who will assist in the transparency bringing the voice and problems communities are facing in the extractive areas
  • EITI Report as a transparency tool is nationally recognised
  • Local CSO-s and local community are informed about benefits from royalty coming from extracting activities and have a voice in setting priorities for the social projects realised by local power.




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