Your Idea – Your Project

Your Idea – Your Project

Do you have a project or an idea to develop a project related to the Extractive Industries in Albania? Good governance and transparency of our natural resources? These industries impact on the environment or the development of local economies?

Apply to EITI Albania and for the winning projects, we will support the implementation in the frame of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

Albania has a mineral and oil extractive industries that is developing extensively attracting domestic and foreign investors. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Secretariat, EITI Albania works for the transparently management of this sector since 2009. Until now there are published EITI transparency reports for six fiscal years 2009-2014.

Successful projects start with the appropriate partners support. If you have an idea and want to implement your project, you are welcome to apply to EITI Albania, by sending your project plan to the address until June 15, 2016.

Your Application must have this format:

  1. State the Vision
  2. Identify the Problem
  3. Assess Resources
  4. Establish Project Goals
  5. Select a Project Strategy
  6. Design an Evaluation Plan
  7. Budgeting
  8. Contacts

EITI Albania will evaluate the projects that will be presented and the winning projects will be published on July 1, 2016.

For more information about EITI Albania visit, also you can write to the address