Year 2014


Decisions taken at MSG

The decision taken Date Deadline Comments Current Status
1. Adopt EITI work program for 2014, defining objectives and support actions, activities, financial and Support to the steps and procedures to be followed for the implementation of quality and within agreed tasks, analysis, open discussions and studies increasing the level of work ALBEITI, expected results, including submitting publicity EITI Report 2011 and EITI Report 2012. 2. the approved ToR for the EITI Report 2011 and 2012 with improvements made to the full implementation of EITI standards. 28.01.2016 Approved by Decision no. 1, dated 28. 01. 2016
1. To approve the list of companies reporting for EITI Reports 2011- 2012 according to the list attached. 2. The deadline for submitting information electronically by companies to the Independent Administrator will be 14 May 2014. 3. Companies whose licenses have been revoked will be exempted from reporting if they do not submit the information within the deadline. 08.05.2014 Approved by Decision no. 3, dated 08.05.2014
1. To approve the proposal to carry out procurement procedures in a single tender for consulting services in the selection of a company as “Independent Administrator” in order to prepare and submit the EITI Report 2011 and the EITI report 2012 based on funding measures on the basis of TF0149999 World Bank grant and other funds available. 2. Adopt Common ToR presented to the EITI Report 2011 and 2012 in order to design the two respective reports by implementing completely the new EITI standards in 2013. 13.02.2014 Approved by Decision no. 2, dated 13.02.2014
It has been decided to require the information listed in Decision No. 5, dated 07. 11. 2014 Menu to be included in the EITI Report 2012 from Albpetrol sh. a. company. 07.11.2014 14.11.2014 Approved by Decision no. 5, dated 07.11.2014
To approve the Communication Strategy of Albanian EITI Secretariat, November 2014-June 2015 07.11.2014 Approved by Decision no. 4, dated 07.11.2014


Other issues with the MSG’s approval

Type of action taken Date Deadline Comments Current Status
Comments sent to draft ToR for the Study Potential Revenue and whether there will be any comments or suggestions will be considered approved. 15.09.2014 19.09.2014 With comments Approved
Draft EITI Report 2011, in Albanian and English for comments. 16.06.2014 19.06.2014 With comments Approved
The EITI Report 2012 and Communication Strategy are sent for comments. 11.10.2014 14.11.2014 With comments Approved
The evaluation results performed by MSI Integrity are sent for review and comments. 21.07.2014 08.08.2014 No comments Processed