The EITI new standard requires it’s implementation in 2014

The EITI new standard requires it’s implementation in 2014

Standarti i ri EITI kërkon zbatimin e tij ne vitin 2014EITI standard has improved and new rules are set at the 6th Conference of the Global EITI in Sydney on 22- 24 May, 2013. Work, experience and results to date have evolved towards 2013 new EITI standard, which is already approved and requires implementation since the beginning of 2014.

EITI International Secretariat and the World Bank for this purpose has organized several workshops in different countries to assess but also to discuss and assist in the implementation of new rules to the members and candidate EITI countries. Albania, as a member country with full rights in the EITI, has been invited to participate in the relevant workshop in Astana, Kazakhstan on 7-9 October 2013. A group of specialists and representatives of the Working Group (MSG), Civil Society and the ALBEITI Secretariat have followed the proceeded of this workshop and discussed, treated the experience acquired so far in Albania, by learning and sharing experiences with other participating countries.

What each country and the stakeholders inclusive requires from EITI initiative – identify the basis for further work and setting goals and working on the following programs, programs which are required to be analyzed in terms of specific accomplishments and be reviewed to improve them continuously.

EITI 2014 work plan, where new rules and requirements will be included with tracking and continuous monitoring of the Working Group (MSG) and the EITI Secretariat for each country involved in the EITI initiative. Special importance of the workshop was devoted to discussion of EITI data, analysis and their publicity and forms of work to promote public debate and discussion of these data or conclusions derived for them by advertising tools at all levels and areas, especially in those extractive industry.

EITI annual reporting remains a particular aspect of the work practice, which reflects among others realizations of incomes paid by companies in the government and getting them out of state, good management of the revenues for extractive industry areas, impact to increase investment in the extractive industry sector, employment growth, poverty reduction, etc.

Participants in the workshop participated in the national conference of the EITI Kazakhstan, which reflected a good and well realized experience into relationships between state – civil society – interest groups.

MSG and Secretariat’s work is to share experiences, lessons and applications received in this workshop to the EITI initiative participating institutions, to specialists and the wider to extractive industry areas.