MSG Meeting- AlbEITI priorities for the EITI Annual Report preparation and Beneficial Ownership in Extractive Industry

MSG Meeting- AlbEITI priorities for the EITI Annual Report preparation and Beneficial Ownership in Extractive Industry

On October 31, 2019 at the premises of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, took place the MSG meeting attended by MSG members, EITI National Secretariat, representatives of Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Ministry of Finance and Economy, General Directorate of Taxes, NANR, Foreign Investors Association Albania (FIAA), Albanian Geological Service and representatives of Civil Society.

In the context of the MSG Meeting Agenda, the discussions focused on:

  • The procedures’s progress on the selection of the Independent Administrator (IA) to prepare the 2017/2018 EITI Annual Report, including consultancy services to assist government agencies in implementing the recommendations of the EITI reports.
  • Procedural issues related to the Beneficial Ownership Declaration and the realization of Beneficial Ownership Registry in compliance with EITI requirements.
  • Presentation on the EITI National Secretariat’s activities and the inter-municipal meeting’s agenda with the Local Government.
  • Preparation of corrective actions implementation on the purpose of the 2nd EITI International Validation to be completed by June 2020.
  • Addressing royalty’s issues and locally revenue effective management.

During discussions of the EITI MSG Chairman and the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy Mr. Ilir Bejtja, representative of EITI National Secretariat Mr. Ardit Kamberi, representative of the Association of Foreign Investors Albania Mr. Perparim Alikaj, civil society representative Mrs. Anila Hajnaj, along with other EITI MSG members, emphasized the need for inter-institutional coordination regarding the finalization of the process of the draft Law on Transparency in the Extractive Industry, expected to include the BO terms; coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Ministry of Justice on the Beneficial Ownership Process, including cooperation with the NRC on data related to the Extractive Industry Beneficial Ownership Registry.

The procedural steps to be followed in the process of selecting the Independent Administrator (IA) for preparation of the 2017/2018 EITI Annual Report were discussed, in accordance with World Bank procedures, and in coordination with the EITI International Secretariat in aspect of timing needed for preparation of this Report.

The EITI National Secretariat activities  for the last 4 months was presented during the MSG meeting.