Meeting with the Ambassador of Brazil – Significance and Assessment for the EITI implementation

Meeting with the Ambassador of Brazil – Significance and Assessment for the EITI implementation

On September 27, by an invitation of the Brazilian Embassy in Tirana, a working meeting was held between the Brazilian Ambassador to Albania Mr. Francisco Carvalho Chagas and Mr. Ardit Kamberi, in the context of significance and assessment of the EITI international standards implementation advantages.  

During the meeting, Ambassador Chagas expressed interest in conceptualizing the initiation of the process of Brazil’s involvement in the EITI Global Initiative.

Brazil, one of South America’s most important economic engines, supports the energy matrix in supplying 75% of its hydropower resources, as well as in the exploitation of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Brazil currently exports meat products to Albania and imports textiles and leather products from Albania.

In the optics to see Albania with great interest, as one of the main investment gateways to the Balkans Region, Mr. Chagas spoke about the Brazilian investment opportunities in the Extractive Industry sectors in Albania.

Mr. Chagas emphasized the full appreciation for the accomplishments and objectives of Alb-EITI, in the function of Transparency as one of the key elements of good management of natural resources. The ambassador stated that Brazil is very interested to benefit from the experience of Albania and Alb-EITI, in the view of advantages offered by the stimulation and implementation of the EITI International standards.

Mr. Kamberi made an exposition of EITI’s objectives and accomplishments in Albania, highlighting the multi-faceted advantages of this process for the Albanian Government in the context of well-budgeted and fiscal planning; the advantages of Business to benefit from a consolidated investment climate and discourage unfair competition and corruptive elements; as well as the Public that receives official information in line with international standards, as well as an active role in decision-making processes related to the well-management of the Extractive Industry sectors.

EITI Implementation provides explicitly as an interactive showcase for foreign investors in the Extractive Industry sectors, in the function of sustainable economic development in the country.

Albania is the only country in the Region to be a member of the EITI Global Initiative and in this context Alb-EITI expresses its full readiness to provide its experience and assistance to all international partners planning to initiate the process of EITI standards implementation.