Presentation of the 2015 EITI Report in Fier and Patos

Presentation of the 2015 EITI Report in Fier and Patos

On March 6-7, 2017, the group of Albania EITI Secretariat held a series of meetings in municipalities of Fier and Patos aimed at promoting EITI Initiative and presentation of the 2015 EITI Report.

In Fier Municipality was held a meeting with the General Administrator Mr. Florian Muçaj, Director of Finance Branch Ms. Leida Lira and employees of the municipality where they talked about EITI Initiative and 2015 EITI Report. Also was discussed for the financial benefits that Fier Municipality had received from royalty and that such funding should necessarily be used for public investment, which must be tangible by residents.

Among the issues discussed was the environmental pollution caused by oil companies operating mainly Bankers Petroleum.

A similar meeting was held in the Jakov Xoxa high school, where was discussedabout EITI Initiative and the benefits of community from EITI implementation. During the meeting was discussed about the role to be played by young people in the community about this initiative.On March 7 meetings continued in Patos Municipality as administrative unit where lies the largest area of ​​oil bearing, Patos-Marinez. In this area the Bankers Petroleum company carries out production activity. In a meeting with the Head of Finance Office of Tax and employee of Patos Municipality addressed the problems brought by the oil companies activity, financial benefits and environmental consequences that come mainly from the activity of these companies. Also was discussed the problem of the effects of seismic activity caused by Bankers Petroleum in Zharrzës area. In the meeting was introduced and the 2015 EITI Report.

Similar meetings were also held with various groups of residents where these problems were addressed.