MSG meeting in Fier

MSG meeting in Fier

On April 2, 2015, EITI Albania Multi Stakeholder Group, held the next MSG meeting in Bankers Petroleum offices in Fier city.

At the beginning of the meeting, President and CEO of Bankers Petroleum Company Mr. David French, made a presentation of Bankers Petroleum objectives and achievements, the situation in country, the company support to the community.

Chairman of Albanian Multi Stakeholder Group and Vice. Minister of Energy and Industry, Mr. Ilir Bejtja, in his speech highlighted the situation of hydrocarbons industry in country, the EITI activities and cooperation with hydrocarbons companies, community support.

Ms. Dorina Çinari, Head of EITI Secretariat in Albania discussed about the implementation of EITI Standards, as important requirement for establishing transparency in the extractive industry.

Further the Multi Stakeholder Group meeting followed by discussion on studies that EITI Albania Secretariat is expected to publish recently, Study on Hydropower, involvement of this sector in EITI reports and Study on Data Integrated System for the EITI reports information.

After the meeting the members of Multi Stakeholder Group and the Albanian EITI Secretariat staff accompanied by employees of the Bankers Petroleum visited the Patos – Marinze oil field, to see closer drilling technology and oil exploitation, work and safety rules implemented on the ground.

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