Mining sector – EITI Report 2013-2014

Mining sector – EITI Report 2013-2014

Mining sector

EITI Report 2013-2014

As a traditional mining country, Albania contains an increasing number of medium, small-scale mining and quarry companies, and only a couple of large-scale industrial mining companies. In November 2015, AKBN reported 600 mining licenses, whereas 112 licensees were extracting chromium ore in Bulqiza mines.

Mining production was estimated at USD 140.9 million in 2013 and USD 175.5 million 2014.

Chromium contributed at the largest share with about 72% of domestic mining output in 2013. This share increased to 76% of domestic mining output in 2014. Limestone and other construction minerals represented the second largest group of minerals after chromium. Their share in the domestic mining output counted at 14% in 2013 and 12% in 2014.

Mining sector employed about 3,800 staff in 2013 (0.3% of total registered workforce) and 4,300 staff in 2014 (0.4% of total registered workforce). Chromium sector employed about 59% of mining workforce in 2013 and 69% in 2014.

The sector known contribution accounted at minimum for 0.7% of total revenue in the national budget in both years.