Kiev, Ukraine-Event for the EITI Initiative, organized by the World Bank and the EITI International Secretariat

Kiev, Ukraine-Event for the EITI Initiative, organized by the World Bank and the EITI International Secretariat

The World Bank Extractives Global Practice and the EITI International Secretariat in Oslo organized in Kiev, Ukraine, on July 3-5, 2018 an event focusing on the EITI Nationals Secretariats activity and enhancing the role of Civil Society in the EITI process and the MSG commitment.

The Albania EITI National Secretariat was represented by the Director of the Secretariat, Mr. Ardit Kamberi.

In the Workshop sessions, topics related to was discussed: The EITI reporting process  level perfection, specifically the Contract and Concession Transparency, Licenses Registers, Revenue and Local Income Data from Extractive Industry activities; BO – Reports on Beneficial Ownership; Reporting the SOE activity (State-Owned Enterprise Transactions), Gender Issues in the Extractive Industry, and Relations with Media and the Academic World in the Transparency report on Natural Resources management.

During the sessions important topics of discussions were: Increasing the role of Civil Society in the EITI Process, Capacity Building of CSs to Become Qualitatively in the Transparency Process, Providing legal space for an active participation of CS and media in monitoring the management of natural resources in the country, Strategies for strengthening the CS with technical capacities, to enable real contributions in the reporting process and recommendations in the Extractive Industry sector.

At the second session of the event, Mr. Kamberi, Director of the National Secretariat presented the EITI activity in Albania, focusing on the achievements and challenges of the Transparency process, the results of the positive EITI progress assessment in Albania, the new Secretariat’s priorities including: Legal Improvements in Extractive Industry Transparency, Commodity Trading; Beneficial Ownership reporting Process; Reporting on the benefits of local communities and authorities from the extractive industry; Assessments on Environmental and Social Impact of Extractive Industry.

Bilateral meetings held in Kiev with the Director of the Ukraine National EITI Secretariat, Mrs. Dina Narezhneva, served for strengthening the bilateral cooperation between the two Secretariats and mainly consisting on: The exchange experiences of the two countries EITI National Secretariats on issues related to: Improved the legal framework in the function of Extractive Industry Transparency, Beneficial Ownership Reporting Process (BO) in the Extractive Industry, Updated electronic format of licensing systems, agreements and sectorial concessions; Increase the Secretariat staff capacities on the new objectives set by the EITI International;  An online format training for Secretarial staffs and MSG members; D2D (Disclosure to Development) projects – how data can be used for development needs, etc.

Mr. Kamberi held a meeting with the EITI International Board Member, as well as a member of Ukraine MSG, Mr.Oleksiy Orlovsky and discussed on the Increasing role and the engagement of Civil Society in the EITI Process, both in terms of implementation and the elaborated Plan for Corrective Actions come out as conclusion from the International Validation Process for Albania.

In the meetings with the World Bank representatives, Mr. Kamberi emphasized the assessment of the fruitful cooperation with the WB in funding the EITI Secretariat activity in Albania as well as expressed confidence in the end of the official approval of WB funds to support 2018 EITI activity within an optimal deadlines.

To enhance the synergy of the Transparency Process, the need for action coordination  was re-emphasized in the international event of Kiev, based on the recommendations and updated assessments of the International Secretariat in Oslo, as well as building strategies to enhance the role and engagement of Civil Society with the main focus on monitoring and correlation between Natural Resources and Efficiency that provides the exploitation of these resources from the extractive industries in the EITI implementing countries.