Fiscal Decentralization and EITI

Fiscal Decentralization and EITI

Meeting with group of interest in Bulqizë, Patos, Pogradec and Kukës.

During December 2014 – January 2015, EITI Albania in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Center for Development and Democratization of Institutions, organized several meetings in the extractive industry centers in Albania, as in Bulqizë, Patos, Pogradec and Kukes, with the subject “Financial decentralization and EITI”. Meetings were attended by representatives of local authorities, representatives of interest groups and civil society participants.

Decentralization reduces the distance of communication between citizens and local government, broad participation of citizens in public life and affairs. Increase interest and participation of citizens in decision making for the use of their taxes and contributions. The decentralization reform is linked and intertwined with many sectors and areas of the economy and social life.

During the meeting were presented EITI 2011 report and EITI 2012 report on income and benefits that the Albanian economy received from the extractive industry.

Also in the meeting was discussed for the mining royalty and profits of local government, the Albanian law and chances to improve it.