EITI-OSCE: Second Inter-municipal Workshop with Southern Municipalities

EITI-OSCE: Second Inter-municipal Workshop with Southern Municipalities

EITI and the OSCE Presence organized on May 30, 2019 in the Municipality of Vlora the Second Inter-municipal Workshop: The Impact of Royalty in Local Communities.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the Secretariat and EITI-Albania MSG, representatives of the OSCE Presence, representatives of Vlora Municipalities, Himara, Selenica, representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, ADISA, General Directorate Customs, NANR, Ministry of Health and Social Support / State Agency for Children’s Rights and Protection, etc., experts and specialists of the sector etc.

As a moderator of the event and in the speech held at the Workshop, the Director of the EITI Secretariat, mr. Ardit Kamberi addressed the issues related to the Distribution and maximization of the social and environmental impact of the Royalty in the beneficiary communities; Strengthening local capacities in the context of the use of legal instruments for collection; Discuss more scenarios for reviewing the Royalty Distribution formula.

Head of the Department of Good Governance at the OSCE Mission Presence, mrs. A. Briganti; as well the OSCE representative mr. Qendro, introduced the OSCE priorities and scenarios for a sustainable, transparent development and optimal environmental and social impact of Extractive Industry activity.

The Mayor of Vlora, mr. Dritan Leli presented the issues related to the real impact of the development of the Extractive Industry activity in the local infrastructure and environmental aspect in the city of Vlora, pointing out the importance of optimizing the development of the Extractive Industry activities, the city’s tourist importance seaside.

Representatives of the Municipalities of Himara and Selenica presented the values ​​of the revenues generated by the Royalty in these municipalities and discussed during the Seminar sessions with the representative of MFE regarding the calculation and distribution of Royalty as well as the concrete proposals for optimization of this process.

In the Workshop sessions were made presentations by the representatives of EITI MSG – Civil Society, mrs. Hajnaj, regarding the Project for Management and Distribution of Royalty at the local levels.

The General Director of the Agency for Local Self-Government Support, mr. Murati introduced the process of initiation by the Albanian Government for designing of a Long Term Platform, for the Development of Areas with extractive industries activities and Manufacturing through an Inter-Ministerial Working Group.

Representatives of the Ministry of Environment presented the important role that has the implementation of the legislation on environmental rehabilitation by the Extractive Industry operators and the cooperation with the local government regarding the environmental aspects.