EITI Albania at the “300 Days of Energy and Industry”

EITI Albania at the “300 Days of Energy and Industry”

In the “300 Days of Energy and Industry” activity, EITI Albania secretariat presented its activities and work performed.

The speech of Mrs. Dorina Çinari, Head of EITI Albania Secretariat

Albania is a EITI compliant country and this carries the obligation to fulfill the EITI standard.

Albania was admitted candidate country on May 15, 2009. During 2009 – 2013 are produced only two EITI reports of transparency (the reports EITI 2009 and EITI 2010).

EITI Albania has progressed quickly in the implementation of EITI standards. On 27 June 2014 is published the delayed transparency report. 2011 EITI Report was prepared in accordance with new EITI standards and for the first time in this report is made total disaggregation of ​​every payment and revenue for each company and benefitting state institution in the entire value chain.

Currently EITI Albania has started preparation of 2012 EITI report which will be published in October.

Albania from a country at risk of membership suspension in the EITI International, in 2014, is one of the countries that will produce two EITI reports within one year in accordance with new EITI standards.

We have started and will produce in this year, the study on potential revenues from extractive industries as a mechanism against corruption and informality.

EITI Albania is helping to enhance accountability and good governance. For the first time, state structures (Ministry of Finance) are seriously committed to implement schemes of rent transfer towards the community where these industries operate as a powerful tool for economic and social development.