Head of EITI Albania, Mr. Ardit Kamberi, announces projects and priorities for 2018

Head of EITI Albania, Mr. Ardit Kamberi, announces projects and priorities for 2018

Albania marks this year its fifth anniversary of becoming an EITI-compliant country, becoming thus the only country in the region which is already a member of such an important global organization that aims to promote transparency in the management of oil, gas and mineral resources.

Albania’s involvement in this international organization has helped gain knowledge and expertise on the governance and monitoring of all steps along the value chain, which includes natural resources, contracts and licenses, production, revenue collection, social and environmental benefits.

During a meeting with journalists, the Head of EITI Albania, Ardit Kamberi, presented the Secretariat’s priorities for 2018.

Mr.Kamberi said that the Annual Report 2016, which is being prepared by the Independent Administrator Deloitte Audit Albania and financed by World Bank, is expected to be published in February 2018, while the draft law “On transparency in extractive industries and exploitation of natural resources in the Republic of Albania” is soon to be enacted by the Parliament.

In 2018, the National Secretariat will also focus in the implementation of the new EITI component, which consists in the preparation of a legal framework “On the disclosure of beneficial ownership of companies operating in extractive industries and a pilot project regarding transparency in commodity trading procedures by state-owned enterprises.

Mr. Kamberi said that the reform undertaken by the Albanian government in the energy sector for the past 3 years should serve as a model of success to be followed and replicated in other natural resources exploitation sectors.

Albania’s progress in the Validation process is also expected to be soon formalized by the Oslo-based International Secretariat, with the Board initially agreeing that Albania has made meaningful progress inimplementing the EITI standard.

Mr.Kamberi also pointed out the importance of local government’s efficiency in collecting revenues deriving from natural resources governance and exploitation in order to enhance positive social and environmental impacts in the communities living in extractive areas.

Mr.Kamberi emphasized once more the important role that the National Secretariat plays in strengthening the health and immunity of Government and Business Systems, promoting interactive communication with Civil Society, monitoring, reporting and transparency for public interests and benefits.