Civil Societies Activity

Civil Societies Activity – Regional CSOs, Tirana Branch, on 27 September 2016 organized in Tirana an event with wide participation from civil society, unions, Albanian and foreign specialists, media print and television, municipalities and other state structures, on the “Capacity building and strengthening the role of regional Civil Society Organizations for improving working conditions and labor dialogue with public institutions”.

Improving working conditions and health is one of the most important topics and issues thathave a vital interest in the Albanian environment but that in turn requires special attention and harmonization of actions between the private sector and the state in terms of law and enforcement.

The purpose of the event was to identify the needs, deficiencies and problems faced by civil society organizations and media organizations, in establishing partnership in the decision making process, encouraging dialogue to enhance cooperation between organizations and public institutions for social inclusion and improving work conditions, establishing cooperation and creating regional partnership between network of civil society organizations in the Balkans, and the increasing expansion of strategic plans, operational and policy at national and regional levels, raising public awareness about the importance professional practices, social affairs and civil society organizations and unions.

The discussions raised issues such as improving labor law, occupational safety, health control, reports between union – employers – labor and health inspectors, etc.

EITI Albania supports this activity aiming that in future EITI reports would be reflected more data, indicators and issues related to working conditions, safety at work, number of employees and health insurance payments, etc. increasing the level of transparency in the extractive sector and the possibility of solving the problems arised.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Agim Shehu and Mr. Lluka Gjergo, EITI Albania Coordinator.