Benefits from EITI

Rich countries in natural resources as oil, gas and mining, are used to have a poor economy and suffer poor governance. These are not inevitable effects, and it is aimed that creation of a transparence, in these countries rich in natural resources, may smooth some of these negative impacts.

The benefits for the implementation countries include more investment. This is a clear signal for investors and international financial institutions that the government is engaged for a better transparency process. EITI also helps in an enhancement of accountability and better governance and also in the promotion of a longer range of economical and political stability. On he other side, this can contribute in conflict prevention of the oil, gas and mining section.

The benefits for the companies and investors are concentrated in the political risk mitigation and a good reputation. Political instability, caused by “dark” governance, is a clear threat for the investments. Intensive investment in the extractive industry and profit generation need long term stability. Reduction of instability is beneficial to the business. On the other side, the transparency of payments done for the government, my also help in demonstration the contribute of their investment to the country.

The benefits for the civil society come from a better and more information in public area for those incomes that governments managed in the name of citizens, resulting in a more responsible government.