Meeting between the representatives of the Swiss Embassy in Albania, MSG and the EITI National Secretariat

On February 29, 2019 at the premises of the Swiss Embassy in Albania, representatives of MSG and the EITI National Secretariat, held a meeting with Mr. Thomas Stauffer, Program Manager of the Macroeconomic Aid Division of the Swiss Federation and Mrs. Sigita Stafa, National Economic Development Program at the Embassy of Switzerland.

During the meeting, Ms. Emiliana Kola on behalf of the EITI National Secretariat, made a presentation of the activity for the implementation of the EITI in Albania and the work done by the Albanian MSG and the EITI National  Secretariat, focusing on promoting Transparency in the process of revenues good administration deriving from the sectors of Hydrocarbons, Mining and Hydro-power in Albania. In the focus of the 2019 Work Program, the EITI National Secretariat addressed priorities such as: Improving the Legal Framework Related to Transparency in Natural Resources Utilization; Programming the Publication of Beneficial Ownership in the Extractive Industries Activities; Reporting income from the activity of state-owned companies; Improvement of the electronic data base for the full cycle of sectoral activities of extractive industries; Capacity Building of Civil Society and Local Government; The impact of EITI activity in the social and environmental aspect, etc.

Also, Mrs. Anila Hajnaj, the representative of Civil Society Organizations at the EITI Albanian MSG, presented the work done by Civil Society within the EITI and made an expose of the Project funded by the Swiss Embassy on Royalty, Training of Potential Civil Society for their full involvement in the EITI, as well as the election process conducted by CS in February 2019 for EITI Albania MSG.

During the meeting, both parties discussed and evaluated the beginning of a timely process of concrete cooperation between the two countries on priority issues and activities related to maximizing the impact of EITI implementation in Albania.