Presentation of the 2015 EITI Report in Pogradec

EITI Albania Secretariat organized on March 15-16, 2017 direct meetings with citizen of Pogradec, local government representatives as well as the “Muharrem Çollaku” high school students. These meetings aimed at presenting the 2015 EITI report and enhanced cooperation with licensed entities, local government and the community in the area. In the absence of the Mayer of Pogradec Mr. Eduart Kapri for some other commitments, meetings were held with the Director of Human Resources and Legal Affairs Mr. Polikron Balliu and Director of Finance Mr. Çelnik Basholli and z. Olger Molla, Head IT. In Pogradec district counted a total of about ten iron and coal mines where the most of them are out of use.  From conversation with representatives of Pogradec Municipality we learned that the North Star Mining company has applied for renewal license and has submitted in Pogradec Municipality “Nickel Project in Red Stone on Report Assessment of Environmental Impact” because such as known presence of  lake near Memelisht and Red Stone village makes this area a beauty of Pogradec tourism. Meetings continued with school students “Muharrem Çollaku”, where we were greeted by the Director of the School Mrs. Eva Pjetri and Mr. Andrea  Cana. In these meetings was discussed on EITI Initiative and the benefits that the community has, and the role that young people should play in the community regard to this initiative. In a question that z.Lluka Gjergo, EITI Coordinator addressed to the students of the school “Muharrem Çollaku” if Red Stone should be mine or tourist attraction, the students answered on one voice that Red Stone should be just a tourist attraction.

Similar meetings were held with members of various civil groups where EITI staff distributed 2015 EITI Report 2015, EITI leaflet,  EITI Guidelines, as well as EITI logo pens.