World Bank Mission in Tirana to discuss EITI priorities and vision for sustainable sectoral development

On April 11-12, 2019, a World Bank Mission from Washington conducts working visits in Tirana, in function the EITI activity implementation support in Albania.

Representatives of the World Bank Mission, Mr. David Reinstein and Mr. Sridar Kannan, in the meeting with the Director of the EITI National Secretariat, Mr. Kamberi, discussed the progress of the World Bank Grant, in support of EITI activity in Albania, as well as on the real prospects for continuing this fruitful cooperation.

The World Bank Mission also held an extended meeting with MSG EITI, where provided a presentation of the World Bank’s successful international funding experiences that have helped systematize EITI processes and sectoral good governance (including licensing processes, collection and allocation of extractive industries etc.), in support of EITI processes.

At the MSG meeting, following the synthesis presentation of the EITI National Secretariat on the progress of the activities included in the Grant for the period 2019-2020, the formulation of priorities and the vision of cooperation with the World Bank were discussed by MSG members on the promotion of Transparency and Good Governance in the Gas, Oil and Mining Sectors, as well as for formulating innovative strategies for sectoral support in Albania.

The World Bank Mission will also hold an intensive agenda in Tirana with Senior Directors of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, and the Directors of the Foreign Investors Association in Albania.

World Bank representatives praised the current evident progress of EITI activity in Albania as one of the significant indicators in promoting transparency in the function of reforms for a sustainable socio-economic development of Albania.